Olivae Di Toscana Sapone/ Olive Oil Soap 150gr


Мыло на основе тосканского оливкового масла

Sapone all’olio d’oliva di Toscana

Weight 150 gr

AZIENDA Gustum Italia/Nesti Dante

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Sapone con profumo intenso e travolgente e la colorazione che dal verde vira al rosso durante la maturazione.
Purifica, ammorbidisce e aumenta l'elasticità della pelle


Soap with an intense and overwhelming aroma and the color that turns from green to red during ripening.
Purifies, softens and increases the elasticity of the skin


When he was 20, Dante Nesti started making soap at home in a small 50 litre cauldron. Just three years later in 1945, he founded his soapmaking company based in Florence.Today Nesti Dante managed by his son, Roberto is one of the few industrial scale companies in the world, which still produces soap with the traditional craftsmen's methods. Completely natural, 100% biodegradable with no animal testing